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It's time to get discovered

 Did you know that businesses that use IGTV get discovered quicker?

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With its easy-to-use format, IGTV is the perfect way to showcase your product or service and reach a larger audience.

At ECode Social, we will help you leverage the power of IGTV to grow your business. We have a team of experts who specialize in creating engaging stories that grab attention and generate more leads.

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Promote your products through your channel

We specialize in helping businesses optimize their IGTV channel to get their products out there.

Let your customers be inspired by your products

We’ll use targeted content strategies that match up with the interests of your customers so you can maximize the reach of your products. Our proven track record will ensure that you get the most out of your promotional campaigns on IGTV.

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Our shirts are made with high quality cotton. 👕😀

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Octopus T-shirt


start making sales today

Reach More People, Build Relationships and Make Sales

Did you know that over a billion people use social media every day?

With IGTV, you can reach more people, build relationships with them and start making sales today!

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses create powerful digital campaigns that drive sales and engagement.

Our innovative tools will help you get to the top of your game by creating videos that captivate viewers, engage followers and increase ROI.

Sell more on Instagram

See what we can do for your Instagram store

See what we can do for your Instagram store. Introducing ECode Social – the best Instagram store solution that helps create jaw-dropping, conversion-focused content in no time. With ECode Social, you can easily create the perfect content to boost your sales on Instagram and make sure your store stands out from the competition with just a few clicks. Our A.I.-powered software effortlessly integrates with Canva to help you produce scroll stopping content that converts. 

We are dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and SMBs with a platform that is fast and easy to use to create engaging posts, stories and videos for their Instagram store – all designed with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology that has been customized for optimal results. Get ready to experience a revolution in social media marketing with ECode Social!

An Incredible Way to Boost Website Traffic

With ECode Social you can easily create posts that reach a broader audience within your target demographics, view detailed analytics on performance and save time by scheduling content automatically for multiple accounts. Plus, ECode Social allows you to uncover trending topics or create conversations about your products and services with zero effort. It integrates seamlessly with your existing processes to position your business as an industry leader through automated posting of content-rich messages across social media platforms.

We customize your store according to your company's profile

We make it easy to create a unique and professional-looking store for your business on Instagram, with custom designs and features tailored to meet your needs. With us, you can stand out from the crowd and maximize your sales potential.

Remove the guesswork

Our powerful tools provide real-time insights about what’s engaging for your followers and allow you to quickly identify your best performing posts or videos so that you know exactly what works and what doesn’t. 

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Play Video
Live Shopping

Alert your followers to live shopping events. Showcase your products in real-time and create an engaging environment for your customers.

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Shopping Tags

 Make more sales with Instagram shopping tags! Shopping tags allow you to increase sales by up to 5 times compared to simply posting a link in the description of an IGTV post.

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Create custom collections designed to drive more sales.

A complete store

Make sales directly from your IG Page

Easily create engaging shopping experiences for your customers to discover and buy in a few taps. 

 No more loosing clients due to too many steps to purchase. We help you shorten and simplify the path to purchase by using Instagram to checkout.

Product Launches

Build anticipation and count down to an exclusive product launch.  Simply send push notifications and enable fans to preview details or set reminders to purchase.

Setup Advanced Custom Audiences

Capture more shopping behaviors, such as add-to-carts, so you can target custom audiences with ads based on their actions.

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